Nylon Membrane Filters


Media – Nylon66

Nylon membrane filters are ideal for use general filtration, medical assays, protein binding and can stand up to solvent solution.


Technical specification :

Color : White
Surface : Plain
Extractable (NVR) : Very low (with in limit as specified in USP XXIV)
Heat Stability : Maintain integrity for 5 cycles of autoclave at 
1210C for 30 minutes
Wettability : Hydrophilic
Operating Temp . : 75 0C (max)
  • Sterilizing filtration of pharmaceuticals aqueous solution and Bioassay
  • Ideal for HPLC and Organic solvents
  • Mobile phase separation & Solvent filtration
  • Filtration of microbiological media, sera and other additives.
  • Filtration of wide range of inject able solution


Cat. No.Size/Dia mmMicron RatingNos. /Pack
170013 RI1.30.2 µm100
170013 XI1.30.45 µm100
170025 RI2.50.2 µm100
170025 XI2.50.45 µm100
170013 R1.30.2 µm100
170013 X1.30.45 µm100
170013 P1.30.1 µm100
170025 R2.50.2 µm100
170025 X2.50.45 µm100
170025 P4.70.2 µm100
170047 R4.70.2 µm100
170047 X4.70.45 µm100
170047 P4.70.1 µm100
170047 N4.70.8 µm100
170047 U4.71.2 µm100

* Others sizes can be supplied on request.
* Sterile Nylon membrane filters can be supplied also on request