Conjugate Release Matrix Pads


The conjugate pad is made of a non-absorbent material such as fiberglass pad, polyester, rayon or a similar material. The conjugate pad is always of a synthetic material (at least when using a gold conjugate) to ensure the efficient release of its contents. As its name implies, the assays’ detection conjugate is dried down and held in place here until a liquid test sample is applied to the sample pad. This liquid sample, moves into the conjugate pad by capillary action, re-hydrates the dry gold conjugate, allowing the sample to mix with the conjugate. The complex of gold conjugate and analyte then moves into and up the membrane. Pretreatment of the conjugate pad helps to ensure the conjugate releases at the proper rate and enhances its stability. The pretreatment is performed in the same way as with the sample pad.


  • Good uniformity
  • Hydrophilic
  • High absorption
  • Good wicking rate
  • Wide Compatibility


Cat. No.Basic weight g/m2Caliper mmWicking rate s/4 cmWater absorption mg/cm2NatureComposition
166131000.42Hydrophobic Untreated Polyester
16613 T011000.4240HydrophilicTreated Polyesters
166151350.51Hydrophobic Untreated Polyester
16615 T011350.5140Hydrophilic Treated Polyester
16610700.30Hydrophobic Untreated Polyester
16610 T01700.30Hydrophilic Treated Polyester