Market Application

Market Application of Axiva Products

Life Science Research
a. Filter paper
b. Blotting membrane
c. Microbiology filtration membrane and devices

a. SVP
b. LVP
c. Utilities
d. Non-Sterile
e. Sterile

Rapid Diagnostics
A. Lateral flow test (Immunochromatography)
a. Nitro cellulose lateral flow membrane
b. Sample pad
c. Conjugate release matrix/pad
d. Absorbent pads

B. Flow through test (Immunofiltration)
a. Absorbent pads
b. Plastic housing

a. Sample preparation
b. Mobile phase filtration

a. Water microbiology / Colony counting of bacteria
b. Sterility testing

Food and Beverages
a. Beer processing
b. Soft drinks
c. Juices
d. Food processing